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12 Tips for Christmas 2016-17

Tip #1: Exporting a Series of JPEG images from a video scene

This tip is possible with Bogart 7 and Bogart 8 on both the Bogart Linux Editors 

(S4000, S3000, S6000, Topaz, Karat, etc) as well as the Bogart for Windows editors.


Tip #2 - Why and How to Copy a Disk Project In Arabesk 7

This tip shows why (the purpose) of using the new Copy DP (Disk Project) function found in Arabesk 7 software.  This tip is compatible with any Casablanca Bogart editor operating with the Arabesk 7 add-on software.
Tip #3 - How to Archives Title Screens for future use
In this Tip Chet shows where the Archive function is found in the newer Casablanca Bogart Title Menu, and shows two different applications for the Archive function.  Included are text as well as Text with a Graphic (Logo) element.  Compatible with all versions of the Bogart Casablanca editor running Bogart v6 and higher.
Tip #4 - #4 Media Pool Conversion
In this short video Chet highlghts how we can convert assets (both video scenes and photos) using the Media Pool between projects with different settings.


Tip #5 - Using Drag & Drop Options in the Edit Menu
In this short video Chet shows how to use the Drag and Drop options we have now in the Edit Menu - from the ability to move clips in the Scene Bin and how to add one or even multiple Scenes from the Scene Bin to the Storyboard by dragging and dropping it just into the preferred space of the Storyboard.



Tip #6 - The Benefits of the 3 Different Audio Mix Views

In this short video Chet provides a quick look at the three different View options in the Audio Mix Menu of Bogart 8 (and 7), showing you the differences and the benefits in each of them.  Specifically Chet focuses on the drag and drop options in the Timeline View.





Tip #7 - Using the Media Pool to extract audio from a scene

In this Tip, Chet shows a newly learned function we can use the Media Pool for... to extract audio from a scene without having to use the traditional method of the Sample>Scene button. This will save you time in your projects.




Tips #8 - Setting Chapter Points for DVD Menu in the Edit Menu

In this short video, Chet shows how to use the brand new Chapter Point marker found on the Storyboard in the Edit Menu in Bogart for Windows 8.  This convenient feature allows you to craft your Chapter Menu points while still in the Edit menu as you are working with your project rather than in the DVD Menu (as you'll see we still have that option, but are now provided this new function).




#9 - A Quick Introduction to the new Aspector Add-on Software

In this short video lesson Chet provides a quick overview with highlights of the new Aspector add-on software for your Casablanca editor.  This is a great new tool that provides greater options for mixing videos with differing aspect ratios.  For example, loading a 4:3 older video from miniDV into a project with the majority of footage was shot on an HD video camera in the 16:9 aspect radio.


#10 - Using the Index Button to Split Video "on the fly"

In this video lesson Chet shows how to use the Index button to mark (split) a video scene while viewing.  This may be useful for longer video clips that you want to split without having or needing frame accurate edits.  This is demonstrated using Bogart for Windows v8.


Tip #11 - Effects Presents and Archives

In this Tip Chet shares the differnence and use of the Presets and Archive found in various Effects across the Casablanca effects menus.  



Tip #12 - Using DeInterlace When Exporting Video Files

In this shor video Chet shows the use and value of the DeInterlace option found in the Expert Menu of the Export options in both Edit Menu (under Opt button) and in the Export menu under Finish in Bogart.


Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis