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12 Tips for Christmas (Casablanca Christmas) Returns for 2016-17 !

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12 Tips for Christmas
(Casablanca Christmas)
Returns for 2016-17 ! 

This collection of short video lessons by Chet Davis will be delivered over the 12 days of Christmas.  These tips will cover a specific operation over a variety of Casablanca software - from Titling to Audio to DVD Authoring. 


These brand new video tutorials will focus on the newer software - from Bogart 8 to Arabesk 7 and more.  You can access these 12 tips starting December 25th on my Kajabi Casablanca portal here - you have to sign-up, but it's free!  And if you already have access to my online courses on Bogart 7 or Bogart 8 - just add this product (12 Tips...) to your library!  For members convenience, I have also added these 12 new tips below.


Here's the link:


For those colleagues continuing to edit on Smart Edit and older versions of Bogart OS I will present a special curated collection of some of my favorites 12 Tips from prevoius years.  You'll be able to access these tips via this page, starting December 25th:




Tip #1: Exporting a Series of JPEG images from a video scene
This tip is possible with Bogart 7 and Bogart 8 on both the Bogart Linux Editors (S4000, S3000, S6000, Topaz, Karat, etc) as well as the Bogart for Windows editors.

Tip #2 - Why and How to Copy a Disk Project In Arabesk 7

This tip shows why (the purpose) of using the new Copy DP (Disk Project) function found in Arabesk 7 software.  This tip is compatible with any Casablanca Bogart editor operating with the Arabesk 7 add-on software.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis