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Casablanca Expert Webinar: Producing Video With HDSLR Cameras

Price: $15.00

Casablanca Expert Chet Davis is happy to have Sylvain Renaud of Reno Video Productions join us for this 2-part online class where you'll learn the fundamentals of producing video with HDSLR cameras (digital high-resolution single Lens Reflex cameras like the Canon 5D, 7D, T2i, etc.

This lesson is divided into two sessions:
1. Introduction to the technology of HDSLRs, giving those who are used to shooting on a video camcorder an understanding of the gear involved and how to address differences and limitations.

Additional information on the use of HDSLR cameras for video production - with a detailed explanation of the work-flow incorporating HDSLR footage into your Casablanca (Bogart OS) editor. The last 30-minutes includes answers to questions from those who were online for the live lesson.

You will have immediate access to view the two 90-minute streaming video recordings of this lesson on HDSLR Cameras & Video Production.  You will also have the ability to download the 2-page PDF booklet that contains a listing of the videos referred to in the lesson and a list of the equipment & accessories Syl mentions in the program.

Once your payment has been processed you will be given immediate access to the lesson - you will have five days to review the lesson.

This page is for special Pay Per View access of this lesson - Members of will find this lesson for their free and immediate viewing on this page:

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