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Columbus Intensive: Animating Travel Maps

Price: $29.99

Chet Davis provides an intensive tutorial on the Casablanca Columbus - map & travel animation software.

Now available!

You'll learn the many options and capabilities in the Casablanca Columbus software from the Casablanca Expert in this 2-1/2 hour tutorial video. You will learn all the options and settings as you create simple and more sophisticated animated maps. You'll build a simple 2-position map, a 3 point route and an advanced multi-point map with changing head objects... you'll learn how to add and use your own maps and how to combine more than one animation route together.

The majority of the tutorial is applicable to both Columbus 2 and Columbus 3 (because Columbus 3 uses most of the same functions) There is also a separate section presenting the new capabilities in Columbus 3 (Film #2 on disk #2)--  like the ability to add full motion video scenes to your map!

Tutorial contents:
Disk 1
  • Introduction (4:16)
  • Basic Columbus functions/building simple animated map (45:32)
  • Creating a Multi-point Animation (9:13)
  • Using your own Map (12:30)
  • Combining Multiple Map Animations (16:27)

Disk 2

  • Creating an Advanced Multi-point animated map (17:54)
  • Using the New Features in Columbus 3 (22:16)
  • Columbus Add-on Products Explained: Flags, Objects of Interest, Travel & More (more Head & Key Objects); Xpress Maps, Columbus Maps, and Big Maps Volumes 1-4 (14:45)

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