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Casablanca Webinar Lesson - Episode 7

Price: $14.99

Casablanca Webinar Lesson - Episode 7
* Editing to the Beat
* Using the Templates for Chapter and Main Menu creation in Arabesk 4

With this Casablanca Webinar package you will receive the full session on DVD (recorded directly from Chet's Casablanca, not via Webcam).  You'll also receive all the scenes Chet uses in that lesson via AVI Files that you can download with Disk Transfer software.  This enables you to follow along with Chet to ensure your understanding of the topic covered. Plus, you will receive the printed hand-outs with the step-by-step instructions for this particular lesson.

Editing to the Beat is covered in Casablanca Foolproof Volume 1: Bogart 2/Smart Edit 8.
Menu Templates are also covered in Casablanca Foolproof Volume 2: Arabesk 4 Tutorial DVDs. Customers purchasing those DVDs may wish to avoid duplication.

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