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Casablanca Webinar Lesson - Episode 5

Price: $14.99

Casablanca Webinar Lesson - Episode 5
* Creating a simple photo montage - using PowerKey and the new Auto-Transitions Options
* Using the Clipboard to move scenes and audio samples between projects - highlighting the new functions in Smart Edit 8/Bogart 2
* Using Disk Transfer to archive/move your finished scenes and projects

With this Casablanca Webinar lesson package you will receive the full session on DVD (recorded direct from Chet's Casablanca editor - not via webcam).  You'll also receive all the scenes Chet uses in these lessons on Disk Transfer DVD (AVI files).  You can then follow along with Chet to ensure your understanding of the topipc.  Plus you'll receive the printed hand-outs with the step-by-step instructions for this particular lesson.

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