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Casablanca Webinar Lesson - Episode 1

Price: $14.99

* Casablanca Webinar Lesson - Episode 1
Range Operator & Video Inserts, Creating Layered Effects with Scene Operrator, Importing True Type Fonts into Casablanca Title menu.

Based on viewer feedback and request, the popular Casablanca Webinars - taught by Casblanca Expert Chet Davis - are now also available in full-screen DVD for you to learn and practice along with Chet in the comfort of your home, office or edit studio.

With this Casablanca Webinar package you'll receive the full session on DVD (recorded direct from Chet's Casablanca, not via Webcam).  You will also receive a disk transfer DVD with the all scenes Chet uses in that lesson - you will then be able to follow along with Chet to ensure your understanding of the topic.  Plus, you will receive the printed hand-outs with the step by step instructions for this particular session.

General Webinar Lesson #1 includes:

1. Using the Range Operator to place a video insert on top of a single video scene
2. Using the Range Operator to place video insert over two adjacent scenes and how to position them
2. Using the Scene function - it's need and step by step process for creating a multiple PIP effect.
3. Tutorial for importing True Type Fonts (.ttf) into your Casablanca title menu.

*Includes 16 scenes on Disk Transfer DVD and 4-page handout with step by step instructions for above lessons.

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