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Here you'll find training/tutorial DVDs and other resources to help you maximize your video project work.

ChetDavisIn each of these products you will enjoy learning with the deep Casablanca knowledge and the expert teaching skills of Chet Davis.

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Casablanca Foolproof Detailed tutorials on DVD by the Casablanca Expert to help you learn specific Casablanca software & operations 3 products
Casablanca Webinar Packets Learning Packets developed from the popular Casablanca Webinars - contains DVD lesson, practice footage on DVD and printed lesson. 8 products
Live Training & Instruction Casablanca Expert Workshops & Private Tutor Service 1 product
Pay Per View Webinars Casablanca Expert Webinars via Pay Per View for non-Members 10 products

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Casablanca Foolproof Vol 12: Success with Bogart 5

Casablanca Expert Tutorial: DVD Arabesk 5 Primer

Casablanca Foolproof Volume 11: Casablanca Eye Candy One

Join Casablanca Expert Chet Davis for a collection of creative applications of Casablanca software called 'Eye Candy' (compatible with both Smart Edit & Bogart OS)

Bogart V4 and the Kitchen Sink: Tutorial DVD Bundle

The Bogart V4 Tutorial DVD Bundle 'Bogart 4 and the Kitchen Sink' is a collection of the Chet Davis' helpful tutorial DVDs that will help you fully understand the power and efficiency in your Casablanca Bogart Video Editor. With 11 total DVDs of instruction from the Casablanca Expert you'll know more about your new Casablanca Bogart OS Video Editor than you thought was possible!

Casablanca Foolproof Volume 9: What's New in Bogart V4

In this double-DVD package Casablanca Expert Chet Davis takes you through the new features and functions found in the Casablanca Bogart Version 4 Operating System.

Casablanca Foolproof Volume 8: Bogart V4 Intensive

In this 6-DVD set, Casablanca expert Chet Davis walks you through the entire Bogart V4 Operating System for the Next Generation Casablanca Video Editor.

Casablanca Expert Webinar: Producing Video With HDSLR Cameras

Casablanca Expert Chet Davis is happy to have Sylvain Renaud of Reno Video Productions join us for this 2-part online class where you'll learn the fundamentals of producing video with HDSLR cameras (digital high-resolution single Lens Reflex cameras like the Canon 5D, 7D, T2i, etc.

This lesson is divided into two sessions:
1. Introduction to the technology of HDSLRs, giving those who are used to shooting on a video camcorder an understanding of the gear involved and how to address differences and limitations.

Additional information on the use of HDSLR cameras for video production - with a detailed explanation of the work-flow incorporating HDSLR footage into your Casablanca (Bogart OS) editor. The last 30-minutes includes answers to questions from those who were online for the live lesson.

Casablanca Expert Webinar: Casablanca Foundations - Project Settings, Monitor Set-up, etc.

 In this session, Casablanca Expert Chet Davis shares some of the 'foundational' operations to start a new project on your Casablanca. He will present suggestions & details related to project settings, resolution, monitor set-ups and importing some of the new camcorder formats like the Flip cameras. NOTE: This session is primarly of interest to the Bogart OS Casablanca - owners of Smart Edit Casablanca systems will find little value in this lesson.

Your Video Expert Webinar: Video Sharing Websites

In this session Chet Davis will present the background info and tips for selecting a website host and learn how to start sharing your videos over the internet. 

This webinar also includes a 15-page PDF booklet that you may download (and print) that contains a summary of the steps presented along with some additional resources.

Casablanca Expert Webinar: Galileo Archival Software for Media Manager

In this session Chet presented a lesson explaining the functions of the new Casablanca Galileo software and how to use the product to archive (backup) and restore files from/to your Media Manager Film, Music, and Photo Archives.  He also carefully went through how to install the software, how and why to use it and how it differs from the other Casablanca archival/backup options.