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Importing from Casablanca II (or Cassie Classic) to YouTube

More and more producers are looking for the ability to get their video programs displayed on YouTube or one of the other Internet video host sites (see this article for info on the top internet video hosting sites).

Here are the steps to export your finished storyboard and get it onto YouTube:

1A. Casablanca II/Cassie Classic with Firewire (DV): record your storyboard out to a miniDV camcorder (or deck)
1B. AVIO or Cassie Classic without Firewire (DV), your best bet is to record out via S-video (and audio) to a miniDV camcorder (or deck). 

2. Import that video onto a computer using firewire into a video editing application (can use a purchased application or you can use one of the two following free applications for your specific computer platform :
PC = Windows Movie Maker (can download free - for XP click here  - for Vista click here )
Mac = iMovie (comes with new Mac computers as part of iLife)

3. From these applications you simply prepare the entire file for export (no need to do any further editing - so you're really just using the editing software application to do the encoding for you).
But what is important is that you need to export the project as a video file (not the proprietary WMM or iMovie file).  You will be saving this file to your computer and then uploading that file to your YouTube channel.

If you're using Windows Movie Maker - see this page  for info on how to save as either AVI or WMV file

If you're using iMovie - see this page .  If you are working with a newer version of iMovie, you simply select 'YouTube' from the Share menu.

4. Then, go into your YouTube channel and follow the instructions to upload the video from your computer hard drive onto their file server (and your channel) for the world to view and enjoy!

For further questions on uploading video onto YouTube I recommend going to the YouTube FAQ page here

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis