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Edit: Special - Using the Pick Color to change colors in your Patterns

With Smart Edit 4 and higher the developers increased the number of ‘ink wells’ in the Color Palette and gave us the ability to select or sample colors directly from a video scene by using the ‘Pick Color’ button.
This feature is found in the New Scene; Pattern buttons in Edit Screen as well as in the  other menus where you have the option of selecting color for a screen/effect. 
Once in the Color Palette, click on Pick Color, then Select Scene and then adjust size and position so that the color picking box icon is sampling the color you wish to select (the large color swatch indicates the color you have selected).
Colored Patterns
1. In the Edit screen, click on ‘New’ and then select ‘Pattern’
2. Click on ‘Select Pattern’
3. Where it says ‘Type’ you can choose from any of the add-on products you have
purchased like the Split X collections, Ultimate Spice Box or you can use the masks provided with your Casablanca like Smart Edit (called Casablanca in earlier OS versions).
4. Under ‘Type’ select ‘Masks’ In the Smart Edit – Masks you have 6 different patterns
click on one of them.
5. Then check the box next to ‘Colorize’ and click on ‘Colorize’
6. You can now adjust or add 1, 2 or 3 colors to this pattern
a. 1 Color is from the top ‘ink well’
b. 2 colors are from the top and the bottom ‘ink-well’
c. 3 colors is from all 3 ‘ink-wells’
7. Click on one of these ‘ink-wells’ and select the hue and saturation of each color.
8. Click OK twice and then adjust the length of time you want this colored pattern in
your Scene Bin.  Click ok once more and voila’ you have created your own colored

See the Video Tutorial here for a demonstration on how to change colors in the Casablanca Image Pool.

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