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MGT 2010 In Review

A summary of my experience/overview of the March Get Together - MGT 2010...

Although the attendance was noticeably lower than in past years, I left Davenport thinking this felt like one of the best MGTs we've enjoyed in the 6 years it has been taking place. There were definitely some folks we missed seeing there this year, but pretty much everyone I talked with at the end of the week expressed a positive feeling about the week.

We were all exposed to some new ideas – both for our Casablanca and for other facets of our production business or hobby. We spent some time learning about existing features in our editors and some new features that are coming (I absolutely love the forthcoming 'Store n' Share' that allows Bogart OS editors to edit to/from an external hard drive!).

It was good to meet the new MacroSystem US VP of Sales & Marketing, Philip Bice. We have had many email and telephone conversations but nice to put a face with the voice. I do believe Philip has some really good ideas for increasing the visibility of the Macrosystem products in North America. I am delighted to continue and grow partnership with him and the rest of the team at MSUS as their partner to provide training and instruction.

The most beneficial and rewarding outcome from the week to me was the fellowship and networking. Conversing and sharing ideas and practices with your colleagues and peers is always beneficial. Seeing the attendees from past MGTs is like seeing old friends from high school. And making new friends is equally rewarding!

MGT 2010

Others have already mentioned the support and presence by Seth Hampton of CAM Audio.,Inc. Seth provided all the AV support at no cost to the event (this year was the smoothest event technically speaking). And each attendee received 50 free DVDs from CAM audio – in addition to the other prizes offered by CAM Audio . It as so great to see our annual community event with a vendor presence worthy of our attendance. As you have seen from the pictures, it was a store on-site with everything from blank media to cameras, microphones to camera jib, and on and on.

I was delighted to teach both an intermediate and an advanced workshop around the MGT,,, it was a blast spending additional time with these folks as we learned some new tips and practiced some cool new exercises and effects. We were digging Candy Factory embellished multiple PIPs and other effects like Magic Lights and creative titles boxes.

Congrats to the winners of the 'big' prizes at the Gala Banquet:
  • Charles Tucker of Tucker Video Production who won the Casablanca Expert Private Tutor Package (6 hours of Private Online Tutor Services).
  • Dave Childs of Video Memory Production Corp. who won a 1-5 DVD/CD Duplicator Tower from CAM Audio 
  • Corrina Stewart who won the Casablanca S2000 video editor from MacroSystem US.

Come to think of it, all three of these folks are member/subscribers at – could it be that a membership at my website not only provides useful information but also increases your odds of winning in other areas of life :)

I would encourage – no, I would highly recommend you plan on attending the MGT 2011 next year – the dates will be March 7-10, 2011. It is a great event for those who use the Casablanca video editor, whether for profit or passion. I am planning on being there again next year and will be again offering my hands-on workshops both before and after the MGT conference.

Thanks to Jim Meeker for all he does to pull us together and for facilitating this grand event!

You can review photos from this years MGT event and keep updated on the future of MGT here:

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis