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Installing Bogart V5 Operating System

As you may know the Bogart V5 Operating System was just this week made available in North America (on the NTSC standard). This is the new OS for the Casablanca Next Gen series of video editors (S4000/PRO, S2000, S4100, S3000, and S6000).

I received my 12-digit Bogart 5 activation code from Macrosystem US and downloaded the ISO file.

You can now purchase this new software and download the ISO software file here:

NOTE: MSUS advises us to burn that ISO Image to a DVD (as the file size is larger than a CD and requires a DVD to fit the file/s) and we are advised to burn the IDO image to DVD at no higher than 2X burn speed.


Note that you will need two 12-digit codes to install this new OS version: Bogart 5 and Relax Vision 5 (this is the new version/name of the Media Manager).

MacroSystem recommends performing a clean installation where all your audio/video data is erased from your hard drive, but this does also remove any possible imperfection in a previous OS version, removes any possible corrupt data, and de-fragments your hard drive... all good tasks.  But you can also perform an update where you can keep all your project data and add or update the new 'on top' of the existing Bogart OS.

IF you are going to perform a Clean Installation of the OS  - you are advised to perform the following:


With the software DVD (containing Bogart V5 OS) and your activation codes here's the process I went through:

After performing all desired backups/archives,

  1. Insert the Bogart 5 disk into the internal DVD drive
  2. Power down and restart
  3. Following prompt/menu on-screen to perform either the clean (full) install or the update
  4. Your should see the progress bar move across the screen as the software is installed -
  5. When completed the system will display the prompt 'Please activate the Bogart 5 product' - you should then left click into the System Settings Menu, left click into 'Install Product'  - scroll down to 'Bogart 5' and left click 'Activate'.  The software is already installed but must be activated.  This is where you enter the 12-digit code given to you by your Casablanca dealer or Macrosystem.
  6. This will finish the installation process.


If you perform a Clean Installation (full install or destructive install) you will also need to activate the Gold Pack or Premium Pack.  This will return a number of functions that will be missing (like audio scrub in Trim & Split, 30 projects instead of 10, Media Manager button). Further details here: Activating the Gold/Silver Pack

  1. Enter the System Settings Menu
  2. Left click on the 'System' button in top left
  3. Left click on 'Install Product' button
  4. Scroll down product list and find 'Gold Edition' or 'Silver Edition'
  5. Left click on 'Activate' and enter the 12-digit activation code
  6. After you click OK and close the System Install menu - on the Main Menu under the 'Bogart SE' at top left corner it should list either 'Gold Edition' or 'Silver Edition' under.


To complete the process you should also activate the Relax Vision 5 (the new Media Manager).  The software was installed with the Bogart V5 OS you simply need to enter in the 12 digit code:

  1. Left click on the 'Media Manager' button in your Casablanca main menu - this should open up the Media Manager menu and display onto your monitor.
  2. You will likely be greeted with a prompt on-screen 'Please activate - you need at least Relax Vision 5 activation'.
     Left click the 'close' button on that prompt and you will see the Media Manager/Relax Vision installation menu.
  3. Scroll down to select 'Relax Vision 5' and enter the 12-digit code for Relax Vision 5. Left click the 'activate' button at bottom of that menu

To use DVD Arabesk software with your new Bogart V5 OS, Macrosystem cautions/advises us to use the updated Arabesk version:

  • if you are using Arabesk 4 - update to the Arabesk Version 4.24C
  • if you are using Arabesk 5 - update to the Arabesk Version 5.6
  1. Your software installation should now be current (unless you chose to perform a clean install - if so, go back to the Smart Edit side (click the clapboard icon in the Relax Vision main menu) and then enter the System Settings>Install Product menu to install and then activate the add-on software.


If after installation of the software, and you have followed the above steps... you may experience one of the following situations - here are remedies

* In Media Manager, I am missing some of the options/functions.  Click back to the Bogart SE editing menus, then back into Media Manager. I have found that the system needs to refresh to display all the functions.

* When I click to view Media Manager I get a blank screen, my monitor says no signal - use the Emergency Monitor Shortcut




Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis