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Current Casablanca OS: Operating System

Here is the most currently released Casablanca Operating Systems (OS)

Casablanca 3/Next Generation
(S-4000/PRO, S-2000, S4100)

Bogart SE V3.1 (PAL Only)
Bogart SE V2.4 PAL & NTSC

Casablanca II
(AVIO, Kron/Plus, Prestige, Solitaire/Plus,
Renommee/Plus, Gymnos, Claro, Liberty/Plus)

Smart Edit 8
Smart Edit V8.3
NOTE: Liberty and Claro should continue using Smart Edit V8.0 pending future update for your system

Smart Edit 7
Smart Edit 7.0 - released
11/12/07 - details here
Smart Edit 7.0f - released 5/30/08 - details here
This update only necessary for Avio/Claro/Gymnos without Pro Pack software

Smart Edit 6
SmartEdit 6.2d - released 8/02/07 - details here

Smart Edit 5
SmartEdit 5.2 - released 2/19/07 - details here

Click here to download a 10-page PDF document from Macrosystem DE that details the most current version of all Casablanca software products and details on the required system resources of each software product.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis