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Sample DVD Album Card

Casablanca Colleague (and Gold Member) Bobbie Evoy of Memories On Tape Video shared the following idea regarding DVD menus:

You can get to the chapters points without going to a chapter menu:
 1.)  PUSH 'NEXT' on Remote control device to advance to next chapter
  2.) PUSH 'SUB MENU' on remote control device  to go to Chapter Menu, use arrows to advance to desired chapter
  3.) PUSH 'Menu' on remote control device, use arrows to go to a designate Chapter Menu Button, continue with #2 above
  4.) White in 'PLAY MODE' watching DVD, enter desired chapter number:
example if you want to watch the 6th chapter, while in Play mode, enter
'06' on remote control, will immediately advance (customers will soon learn their favorite chapters and be entering the number faster than going to chapter menu or continuously pushing 'NEXT' while in PLAY MODE.

Here is a sample of one of the DVD Cards
(you could also easily incorporate this onto your DVD Album)
that Bobbie uses with her clients
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