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Casablanca Film Fest

You may be aware that a gentleman in the UK, by name of Charles Higgin, has been producing a collection of Casablanca projects in recent years. I was happy to submit two entries myself in recent years, it is a great way to share your work with others.  And the fun part is in reviewing the DVDs from all over the world!  There's travel films, documentaries, snippets of event videography, etc. 

I highly recommend you submit one of your videos for inclusion in this  international film and video share-fest.  Once completed you will receive details on the modest cost for a copy of the finished Film Fest Collection.  Details for submitting your work are beneath the introduction letter from Charles.

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Hi All

It’s that time of the year when I start the Film Fest.

 OK so what are the prizes you may ask - NONE, a big fat ZERO.  It’s not a competition in any way shape or form, instead it’s a fun way of seeing what other Casablanca users around the world do with their units be it business, hobby or once a year celebration you film.

Topics can include local events, your home town, wedding demo, TV advert(s), etc.  It's also helpful if you can do a short intro on-camera to set-up your entries, and to mention which Casablanca model was used etc.

It’s old hat a lot may say... there is Vimeo, YouTube and many more hosts on the internet where I can show my video in a small square for others to see - fine no argument there, but I would rather watch on a 42” Plasma and have a copy on DVD that I can watch when I want.

 What is the point of the Film Fest? 

It’s a way of seeing what other users produce, from a local event to a wedding demo to a commercial presentation - in fact more or less anything you have filmed and edited on a Casablanca.

In past years entries have been posted to me here in the UK and completed sets sent from the UK.  However like anything else over the last couple of years postal costs have gone through the roof so this year with the help of Chet Davis (The Casablanca Expert) all entries from the USA, Canada and Mexico will be sent to Chet who will compile them and forward to me. In turn I will post to Chet a complete set of the European / Australian discs which he will duplicate and distribute.  This keeps all postal costs down to local rates instead of International rates.

Entries accepted on Mini-DV and Disk Transfer DVD and new this year (2010) AVCHD files on DVD.

Charles Higgin

 To submit an entry for this year's Casablanca Film Fest

From Europe

Send an Email to Charles at with subject as “Film Fest”  Include details of your film(s) and you will receive details of where to send your entry.


From North & South America

Send an Email to Chet Davis at with subject as “Film Fest”   and you will receive details of where to send your entry.


From Asia & Austrailia

Charles is seeking a point person from this region - please contact him via email with the subject as “Film Fest”.


Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis