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DVD: How much can you fit on one?

Here is an estimate of what you can expect with DVD technology onto the standard single-layer disk.
Note: these times are specific to the settings found in Casablanca DVD Arabesk software

Video QualityAudio SettingTime (estimated)
NormalUncompressed1 hour + 40 minutes
NormalCompressed2 hours + 7 minutes
ReducedUncompressed2 hours + 3 minutes
ReducedCompressed2 hours + 46 minutes

(the above information is provided courtesy of Carroll Lam - )

I have some customers who swear by Compressed Audio and others who swear by Uncompressed (and other customers who never swear at all).

The only issue I have found with Compressed is that some of your audience may need to adjust their DVD player settings to allow for successful playback of the compressed audio disk/s. And, I would suggest sometimes we (as producers) need to re-think our intentions -- would it be better to provide a single disk (even going DL - or Dual Layer with twice the disk capacity) or are we better off in terms of marketing and functionality providing the customer with a double-disk set?

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