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DVD Arabesk Now Allows Viewing of Chapter Menus.

NOTE: I believe this new function is available after upgrading to Bogart OS V4.1G using Arabesk 4.1G.

So I was working late last night on my Casablanca video editor, authoring a DVD project. I went to preview the main menu, which had two buttons - one to play the entire (one) film and another button to launch the Chapter Menu where the audience can choose to play from one of the chapters.

I clicked the main menu button which led me into the Chapter Menu men... I did a double take. Wait just one minute here. Did I really just do that. So I backed out and clicked again -- sure enough, I had used the Arabesk preview and was looking at my Chapter Menu.

Then I felt like tempting fate a bit I actually clicked on one of the stamps (icons) in the Chapter Menu and it started playing back the video assigned to that chapter! Holy Menus Batman --- I should go buy a lotto ticket.
Now if you're reading this and think I may have blown my cork-screw, let me explain. For the longest time a limitation of DVD Arabesk was that we editors could preview the Main menu of our DVD project, and we could create Chapter Menu/s... but we could not actually test or see them in action until after we burned a disk. The issue with this was that you had to burn a disk to catch a possible error.

I was honestly not aware that this capability was given to guess now is that it's a function only on the Bogart OS... if you've authored a DVD using Arabesk 4 you have likely seen the odd flash of a menu when you click the view (preview) triangle button under the 'All' menu in DVD Arabesk as the system sends you over to the Media Manager where it uses the DVD playback function there.

Well, now I know...and I love it!
Thanks to the software developers who made this possible.

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