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Replacing / Upgrading the RAM in your Prestige, Kron or AVIO DVD editor

Back of CasablancaDalco UK - the Casablanca distributor for the United Kingdom has a great step-by-step tutorial (complete with pictures) that details how to replace or upgrading the RAM in your Casablanca Prestige, Kron or AVIO DVD video editor.

You'll find this on their website here:

And here are some notes from the MacroSystem US FAQ Web page:
To perform this upgrade your RAM must be a single RAM chip with the following specifications :
- 256 MB SD RAM
- 168-pin DIMM
- PC133

All other RAM chips must be removed!
he 256mb chip must be installed in the slot labeled DIMM 1.

NOTE: You must be running Smart Edit version 3.1 or higher to upgrade your RAM to 256 MB.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis