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Casablanca Expert Public Webinar - Follow-up from 10/08/09 Episode

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I am happy to hear from so many that the October 8th, 2009 Webinar with the topic 'Getting Your Video Online' was so well received.

Here is the finished PDF document (13 pages) with notes and procedures presented in this webinar session:

Casablanca Expert Tutorial: Getting Video from your Casablanca to YouTube
Smart Edit OS

Bogart OS

Streaming Video 1 of 3: Getting Your Video Online
(Value of Online Video, Comparison of four Video Website Hosts)

Length 40:02

Streaming Video 2 of 3: Getting Your Video Online
(Online Visits to the 4 Video Host Websites and an Introduction to Embedding)
Length 34:54

Streaming Video 3 of 3: Getting Your Video Online
(How to export a scene from the Bogart OS into Media Manager and then prepare it for upload to online video channel (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
Length 11:17

Here are the links to the four online video website channels I show in the above webinar lessons:
YouTube - Casablanca Expert Channel

Vimeo - Chet Davis Channel

Vimeo - Casablanca Expert Channel

Vimeo - Chet Davis Channel

What follows are sample videos on these same four channels
by other producers:

YouTube Sample (produce by
our colleague Volker Hill)

Vimeo Sample (produced by our colleague Syl Renaud)

MotionBox Sample (produced by our colleague Joel Brooks)

Exposure Room Sample

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis