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Casablanca Workshops & Seminars that meet YOUR needs

Casablanca Expert Chet Davis is offering select hands-on (live, in person) workshops around North America.

Scroll down to the list of scheduled Workshops - and click on the links to view the agenda, workshop details, and the registration link for each learning opportunity.

Casablanca Expert Hands-on Workshop Hands-on Workshop: This is a favorite way to learn for many... where you are immersed in a live learning lab environment.  You bring your Bogart OS or Smart Edit OS Casablanca unit and a monitor. Chet will supply the class footage as AVI files on DVD for use with Disk Transfer.

You load the footage onto your Casablanca editor and follow along with Chet as he leads you through two days worth of exercises to help raise you on the ladder of video enlightenment.

If you can afford the investment in your future - this is optimum, learning and practicing under the watchful experience of an expert teacher!  Plus it is loads of fun to socialize and network with other like minded video producers.


Click here to read the comments & testimonials from other Casablanca colleagues who have joined in on Chet's Casablabca Expert workshops.

Please contact Chet here if you'd like to be notified about future workshops.
  • Private tutor sessions also available 

Chet Davis

About your teacher - Chet Davis:  You may know that prior to beginning his employment with MacroSystem US, Chet spent 17 years as a professional educator teaching Video Communications. 

Although he no longer teaches full-time in the  High School classroom -  Chet loves to teach classes and workshops  "teaching folks about their Casablanca is a lot of fun for me!" says Chet

Chet's knowledge of video production (he holds a Bacheolor of Arts degree in Radio/TV Broadcasting) and thorough understanding of both small format video and Casablanca video editing systems and provides an awesome learning experience.

Here are some comments, recommendations and testimonials from folks who have benefited from the Casablanca Expert Workshop:

"Your title as the Casablanca Expert is well deserved...You definitely raised the editing bar for me."
Ron Gutowski

Chet is generous with his time and certainly know his subject. I give him a grade of A+
Fred Vroom
Tallahassee, Florida

Chet is an amazing teacher. His clarity, knowledge, patience and warm personality are such a gift to any owner of a Cassie product... I would encourage any Cassie owner to sign up for these Workshops. I am sure anyone would learn from our Cassie expert. I am ready to sign up for the next Workshop.

Pat Kankowski
San Diego, California

"Unless you know all there is to know about whatever Cassie unit you're
using, you WILL learn some new & exciting things! These classes help get
you to put the 'spark' back in your work."

Beth Klinger
Ultima Photography & Video
West Warwick, Rhode Island

Chet is available for contract instruction to small groups, institutions and educators - please contact Chet here for additional information.