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Favorite Links

Here are links to people, companies, groups and information you may find offer you
additional assistance and value.

Casablanca Resellers in North America


Casablanca Resellers I have direct experience with
(a click on their name will take you to their website)

If you're a MacroSystem Reseller and we have worked together I apologize if I have not inluded
you with this first batch of links.  Please send me an email and I will make it right.

ClamCam Video    

Encore Broadcast Equipment Sales 

Hughes Pictures

Interactive Learning Services    

McNally's Plug & Play    

Media Concepts Florida - MCI

Mitchell Video Productions     

Mystic Image Video

Tundra Video LLC(new company by Seth Hampton)

VideoGenics Productions

VMI Video

VSA Houston  
VSA Logo

Casablanca Resllers Outside North America

Dalco - Casablanca UK Distributor     Dalco_logo

DraCo Systems Austrailia - Austrailian DistributorDraco_Austrailia

Macrovideo Norge - Norweigan Distributor     MacroVideo_Norge

NeuroMagic - Hong Kong Distributor     NeruoMagic_HongKong

Casablanca & Videomaking User Group websites

American Motion Picture Society    

Other internet resources/valuable websites

CyberCollege: Television Production CyberCollegge

A Free, Interactive Course in Studio and Field Production

This is a complete, free, award-winning course in television production.  It consists of 70 interactive modules with more than 100 associated files, four types of tests, more than 800 color illustrations, and sound files.  I love that you can choose to 'take' the whole course, module by module or pick out those sections of most interest to you. This resource was developed by Ron Whittaker, Ph.D.

Video 101 Video101

Video 101 is an award-winning online "textbook" with dozens of video clips and Flash animations. This self-study course is free for to anyone who is interested in the fundamentals of video or film production.  This site was published by Professor Mike Trinklein of Idaho State University. RonDexter

Billed as 'Straight answers to frequent and seldom-asked film and video questions you will not find answered anywhere else' this website is a 250 page collection of valuable information from the seasoned veteran cinematographer/director, Ron Dexter, ASC.

Among the topics you can choose from on his table of contents are: Stop Motion Animation, Intermediate Production & Pre-Production Techniques, Professional Production and Pre-Production Techniques, Professional Equipment Advice, Professional Special Effects, Learning Lighting and more.