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Tutorial DVDs

"I really know that my Casablanca can do way more than I can imagine, but I need to have more training resources to help me make the most of my editing system".

That's why I'm here!  In addition to the website and my hands-on workshops, I will be producing a series of tutorials/lessons on DVD that you can view and follow along with in the comfort and convenience of your home/office/edit suite.

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Casablanca Webinar Lesson Packets

* Casablanca Webinar Lessons - includes Practice Scenes on DVD

Based on viewer feedback and request, the popular Casablanca Webinars - taught by Casblanca Expert Chet Davis will now also be available in full-screen DVD for you to learn and practice along with Chet in the comfort of your home, office or edit studio.
You can still view these online videos in the Casablanca Webinar Archives here - but viewers expressed the desire to access the higher quality full-screen recording to play on their DVD player and TV. 

For each Casablanca Webinar package you'll receive the full session on DVD (recorded direct from Chet's Casablanca, not via Webcam).  You will also receive a disk transfer DVD with the all scenes Chet uses in that lesson - you will then be able to follow along with Chet to ensure your understanding of the topic.  Plus, you will receive the printed hand-outs with the step by step instructions for that particular session.

CasblancaExpert members also receive a 20% discount on these Webinar lesson packets!  Order yours now in the Casablanca Expert online store.

To order the above products and additional Casablanca resources you may access the Chet Davis Casablanca Expert / Tech Tutor on-line store here