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Monthly Video Challenge


We are instituting a brand new feature for the members of -- members will have the challenge and opportunity to produce a very short video geared to a specific theme/criteria and share that with the other members on the website.

These short video challenges will be themed around a software or procedure covered in a recent webinar lesson.  In addition to the short video, those who contribute will be asked to share the specific settings they used in the software of choice. 

All this for the benefit of all memebers. You can then review the sample video/s and when you see one you particularly enjoy, you can learn the settings used so you can replicate their success in your next project!

It will be easiest for you to become a (free) member of MotionBox ( or Vimeo ( to upload and share your videos.  You must then give my the password to view these videos and then I can download them and embed them on this website where our member-colleagues can view all of them on one screen!

I will then pick one at random, in a drawing held in a monthly webinar and the producer of that video will receive one-free hour ($100. value) private consultation/private web-lesson with the Casablanca Expert.

The CasablancaExpert Video Challenge is on summer vacation,
returning September 2009.