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Casablanca Expert Chet Davis provides 12 short video-tutorials to help you get the most from your Casablanca video editor. 

"For the 6th year in a row, I am happy to bring these twelve short tutorials as my holiday gift to my friends and colleagues in the Casablanca Expert community" (this year these tutorials will only be availble to website members).



NOTE: I am off to a late start this year, but you will receive your 12 Tips (video tips for Casablanca editors)...

just later than the 12 Days of Christmas.


Tip #1
In this Tip #1 for the 12 Tips for Christmas 2014-15 Chet shows how to set-up your DVD Main Menu so it's Aspect Rato is different than the Film/s in the DVD Title. NOTE: This is compatible with both Smart Edit and Bogart OS Casblanca video editors. Click here to view this 5:18 video lesson

Tip #2
In this second top for the 12 Tips for Christmas 2014-15 Chet provides a lesson to help you become more aware of the
compatible camera formats we can import into our Casablanca video editors.
 Click here to view this 6:43 video lesson

Tip #3
In this Tip #3 for the 12 Tips for Christmas 2014-15 Chet shows how to Import Audio Files (MP3 audio) from your computer; and then shows how to take a audio file (from a Scene) in your Casablanca and export as an MP3 audio file that you can work with or send from/on your computer. This function is only found on Bogart OS Casblanca editors. 
Click here to view this 5:39 video lesson