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Casablanca Expert Virtual (Online) Workshops


I am excited to announce the opening of registration for my  Virtual (Online) Hands-on Casablanca Workshops for 2013.

As you may know I have offered my hands-on workshops in a number of places around North America the past  years.  I am pleased that I continue to receive very positive feedback from those who attend the workshops:

"It was worth every penny"
"Chet is an excellent teacher"
"I learned SO much"
But I have heard from a number of folks who said they would love to learn from me but either cannot take 3-4 days away from their business (or other job/s) and also when they add up all the travel expense, it becomes too expensive.
So I got some smarts (actually there were two members who also encouraged him to do this) and has planned two different online workshops!
 We'll join together using the latest in internet technology  (using the GoToWebinar services) and learn directly from yours truly.  It will be a _live_ class where you will be following along as I lead the class in the same exercise... the class will be divided up into four 3-hour segments, with one week time between each class session to practice what was learned and really move your Casablanca editing up the competency scale!
Participants will receive a DVD with the footage for the class video projects that you will import into your Casablanca editor using the add-on Disk Transfer software.  So you'll follow along watching & using the same video scenes Chet has on his editing menu. "I am holding registration for each of these classes to only 10 learners per session -- I expect them to fill up fast"
Click here for the specifications you'll need to have on your computer to join us for the Virtual Workshops. NOTE: You can now connect to the virtual workshop using your iPad - this might be an ideal solution as you can more easily view the lessons next to your Casablanca editing station.

Workshop Dates/Times Are posted below -- click on the link (or the picture/graphic) to read the complete agenda and to register online today!

Casablanca Expert Bogart OS Virtual Workshop: Intermediate
Four Wednesdays - March 6, March 13, March 20, March 27
11:00AM-2:00PM Pacific / 1:00-4:00PM Central / 2:00-5:00PM EasternCasablanca Expert Virtual Workshop

Casablanca Expert Smart Edit OS Virtual Workshop: Intermediate
Four Tuesdays - May 10, May 24, June 7, June 21
11:00A-2:00PM Pacific / 1:00-4:00PM Central / 2:00-5:00PM Eastern


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