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Bogart 10 Features

NOTE: The following is copied from the MacroMotion DE website article and translated from German into English using Google Translate.  This software version has been released in PAL but not yet in NTSC (North America)

Bogart 10 expands the Casablanca 3 and HD capable home entertainment systems with new features (minimum requirement: 2 GB RAM and Arabesk 6 or 7). According to the wishes of the loyal Bogart users, many improvements for the workflow and ease of use could be integrated into the new version.

If you already use Arabesk 6 or higher, this update will allow you to inexpensively upgrade the latest development features. From Bogart 5 and Arabesk 6 the latest Bogart version should be installed in any case, as this also brings as a free update for all Bogart v5-v9 users since 2012 free bug fixes and Windows adjustments. With the free update the functions of higher versions remain "hidden". These can be unlocked at any time with a Bogart 10 licensing by code entry.

Note: The changes in the Edit menu and in the audio dubbing can only be effective from a screen resolution of 1280x720 pixels (screen resolution "medium"), because on smaller screens there is no room for the clear menus, the presentation of the effect tracks , the timeline, the rider controls and 9 audio tracks are available.



The new features in Bogart 10 as update from version 9:


  • The automatic play repeat with activated envelope (in trim / split, etc.) can now be deactivated (settings / operation). (Editions silver and gold)

Project Settings: 

  • In the project settings, the format of a video clip on the data carrier can now be queried directly in order to adapt an empty Bogart project to it. (Gold Edition)


  • The arrangement of the controls in the import menu has been clearer.
  • When importing, you can directly assign a group name for all imported scenes. (Gold Edition)
  • When importing, you can directly assign a name for the scenes to be imported, which are then named and numbered accordingly (for example, Hotel = Hotel.1, Hotel.2, etc.). (Gold Edition)
  • Importing 50 / 60p material into a 50 / 60i project now creates smoother motion.
  • When importing Interlaced Material into Progressive Project without active expert menu, the deinterlacer is always activated.
  • If you import into an empty project material whose format does not match the current settings, project format and file format are now specified in detail.

Edit Menu:

  1. The additional "Storyboard PLUS" presentation combines the easy-to-use storyboard mode with the clarity of a timeline-based effect display.
  2. In the Storyboard "Plus" display, the effect tracks can be switched on and off individually with the colored icons above.
  3. By clicking on an effect in the Storyboard "Plus" track, you can switch directly to the effect period or to the effect settings.
  4. Position markers also in the Edit menu (with Storyboard Plus view) for playback from any Storyboard position.
  5. In the Edit menu (with Storyboard Plus presentation) you can now play in the "window".
  6. The play marker in the Storyboard Plus display can be moved to the exact picture using the key combination Alt and +/-.
  7. The effect menu buttons on the navigation bar now have a colored marker, matching the Storyboard "Plus" display.
  8. Title effects can now also be laid over long-term effects and used at the same time in a scene.
  9. The split menu also provides an "advanced" view, making editing long scenes much easier, clearer and more convenient.
  10. Inserts in the storyboard are now displayed with background and insert scenes screens. An additional frame around the insert picture and an icon above the scene provide good visibility.
  11. Trimming in the Edit menu Preview window can now also be done with audio. (Gold Edition)
  12. The project can now be changed directly in the Edit menu by clicking on the project name on the right above the preview image.
  13. The 4-image display in the trim menu now uses the space better and offers correspondingly larger images. (Editions silver and gold)
  14. For playback in the Edit menu, you can now set a 'Foreward' via 'Opt', so that hard connection cuts can be quickly checked.
  15. In the Edit menu, there is now a "Find" button for the scene bin, which finds the scene selected in the bin in the storyboard.
  16. In the Edit menu, several scenes can now be marked and renamed at once.
  17. In the trimming menu, the duration of the "In point + Out point play" can be set from 1-10 seconds.

Effects Menus:

  • In the effect menus, there is now a "gear" switch, which calculates all effects in the currently visible range. (Editions silver and gold)
  • The length of effects can now be changed directly by clicking on the corresponding effect symbol in the storyboard.
  • Period / 'Whole scene' in image editing / titling no longer spares existing transition effects.
  • If the endless preview is switched off, you can freely adjust the position of the preview still image with the slider. (Gold Edition)

After Recording:

  • The dubbing now features a Storyboard "PLUS" mode that combines the benefits of storyboarding with the benefits of a zoomable timeline.
  • In the audio dubbing, the position of the play marker can now be switched to "Manual" (small needle on the bottom left). This will no longer automatically jump to audio clips when changes are made.
  • The volume correction for audio clips can now be made via the 'Mixer' tab (Sound track active = Mixer for whole soundtrack, Sound track active = Correction for other tracks).
  • The overdrive test in the dubbing can now be applied to the visible area or the entire storyboard. (Editions silver and gold)

 In Audio Dubbing, the Track Mixer settings for Track 1-9 corrections can be transferred to other tracks using "Copy" (MS) and "Paste" (MR). (also with PowerKey)

Important note for users with several Casablanca / DVC systems: Projects that were edited in Bogart 10 with two effect tracks (for title and long-term effects) can only be edited in a limited way by the older versions! Inserting titles in such projects is not possible with Bogart v6-v9. Users who work on projects with Store'n'Share on several devices, please install the latest software everywhere! A Bogart 10 activation is not required on all devices (but of course useful to avoid the mentioned restriction).

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis