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Casablanca Expert Tutorial DVDs for Bogart V4 Operating System

Casablanca Expert Presents Brand New Tutorial DVDs for Bogart V4 OS
Chet Davis is happy to announce the availability of two new tutorial DVD packages to help you learn the Casablanca Bogart V4 Operating System features and functions.

View this 5-minute video for an overview of these new learning packges

B V4
There are three different packages to suit your background, experience and needs:

Bogart V4 Intensive - Casablanca Foolproof Volume 8: Bogart V4 Intensive is the most comprehensive tutorial ever produced for the Casablanca video editor.  In this package - consisting of six DVDs with more than 10 hours of instruction - the Casablanca Expert takes you through every button in the Casablanca Bogart 4 Operating System.  This tutorial DVD set is ideal for those who are new to the Casablanca video editor or have upgraded from an older Casablanca Smart Edit to the Bogart OS editor.
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What's New in Bogart V4 - In this double-DVD package - with almost three hours of instruction - Chet Davis takes you through the new features and functions found in the Casablanca Bogart Version 4 Operating System. Ideal for those who have been working with the Casablanca Bogart OS and want to make sure you are making full use of the time-saving and production expanding new benefits in the Bogart V4 OS -
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Bogart V4 and the Kitchen Sink - This Bogart V4 Tutorial DVD Bundle is a collection of Chet Davis' helpful tutorial DVDs that will help you fully understand the power and efficiency in your Casablanca Bogart Video Editor

With 11 total DVDs of instruction from the Casablanca Expert you'll know more about your new Casablanca Bogart OS Video Editor than you thought was possible!  In addition to the Bogart V4 Intensive 6-disk set, you'll learn with Arabesk Intensive (DVD Authoring), Media Manager Intensive, All About Casablanca Bogart Archives, and Chet's Favorite PowerKey Shortcuts -
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Here's what's included in the Bogart V4 and the Kitchen Sink bundle!
B4 Kitchen Sink

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis