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Top 10 Questions About Bogart For Windows

Top Ten Questions (and Answers) about Bogart 7 for Windows


1. What kind of computer specifications does it require?

 Though the B4W software will operate on what I will call a modest performing PC I recommend you work with a computer that has strong specifications.  This is especially true if you plan on editing High Definition, up to 4K or Ultra-High Definition video.


Please do not plan on using an inexpensive computer from 2008 and expect it to perform like your Casablanca stand-alone editor.  At the minimum I would go with either a later model i5 or i7 processor and minimum 8GB RAM.  The Graphics (or video) card is also something that you should give attention to.   I have prepared an article detailing some of the considerations you should address when shopping for a new computer (or to determine if your existing computer will be strong enough). Website members will find this article here:


One of the great opportunities you have with B4W is the ability to load the Demo version of the software on your computer. This 30-day trial version is only the basic edition, without the additional features and functions that I believe most will be looking for (I highly recommend the Gold Edition as I believe the features you will want and need are included in that bundle).  But what you can do with this trial edition is ensure it will work on the computer you are considering before you purchase the software.  You can see if the video import (see #8 below) works and if the DVD burner works the way you want or need.

2. Will Bogart for Windows operate on my Mac computer?


Yes - Bogart for Windows can operate on a Mac (Apple) computer using one of two methods, Bootcamp or Virtualization (Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion). Website members will find this article helpful in the explanation of the differences:


Chet walks you through the installation and use of these options in the Bogart V7 Foolproof video tutorial (which Macrosystem America includes with the purchase of Bogart for Windows 7).


3. When will Bogart 7 be available for the Linux machines (S3000, Karat, etc)?


Bogart V7 is in the Beta testing stage for the Bogart series of stand-alone editors. There is no firm time frame on it’s expected release, that is dependent on the testing team findings in concert with the development team addressing issues.  We do know that Bogart V7 does require 2 GB of RAM - which the S4000/PRO does not have. There remains a question about upgrading/increasing the RAM in those units to be able to accept and run the new Bogart V7 OS.  


 I should also point out that a few of the Bogart 7 for Windows capabilities will be only on 

that platform and not the Linux products. One of them is the ability to edit 4K video - this 

will only be available on the Bogart for Windows 7 product (with the Gold Edition and 

sufficient hardware)



4. Since this is a new system, is it stable - is it safe to being using for my business?

 That is a very good question to ask yourself anytime there is a new technology being employed, especially if this is something you use a lot for your passion and especially your business.  For starters I always recommend reading the Release Notes issued by the manufacturer. This details the known issues that they are willing to share and can be important to know.  Here are the release notes for the Bogart for Windows V7.1:


That said, the system has been released and used in PAL (Europe and Asia) for the past few months and the initial reports are very positive.  Those who are early adopters in NTSC have also provided positive initial reports on their experience with Bogart V7 for Windows.  I have had the opportunity to use/play with the software as well for about 2 months prior to release and have been impressed so far.  Now to disclose, I do not edit full-time nor is editing my primary business (teaching people technology is).  So I have not put the system/s through the same rigor that a full-time video producer will.  But again the feedback from the community is strong enough for me to give it a ‘green light’.



5. What add-on software is available - will I receive discount for software already purchased ?


Just like when the company moved from SmartEdit to Bogart OS the add-on software 

was not all available initially.  This can be a challenge when you are used to using all t these software tools and even depend on them for your productions.  Here is a list of the add-on software that has been released at the time of this article:    We can expect this will change over time - but we have no solid understanding on when a specific piece of software will become available for the B4W platform.


As far as pricing this is an issue that some in the Casablanca community has raised as a concern.   MacroSystem Americas explains “You would get a discount if it remains on the same platform (Smart Edit & Bogart OS on Linux).
But when we went from Smart Edit to Bogart, many Smart Edit programs would not work in Bogart, and the companies that made the SW had to make a new programs. So there were about 20 programs that had upgrade fees from $50 to $100/ea. We expect the move to Windows will be no different. Germany hasn’t given us any information on the migration of old software to the Windows platform yet. Maybe this week..”

Here is the Macrosystem Americas price list.


  These discounts allowed customers to purchase software for multiple Casablanca editors at a reduced price for the 2nd or 3rd copy of that same software.  The new B4W add-on software does quality for a 10% discount for those who are members of the Club Casablanca 2015.  This is something to take into consideration, especially if you have a great deal of money invested in software in your existing Casablanca and expect, need, or plan to use that add-on software in your Bogart For Windows editor.


One option it to perform much of your cutting on your Bogart For Windows editor and then use the AV Project Share (or the Sentry Backup - optional software) to move project over to your Bogart OS stand-alone editor to use all the software you already have.  This is only possible if your existing Casablanca editor is running Bogart OS V6 or higher 

(and for the Sentry option you must be running the Sentry software on both units).



6. How difficult will it be to learn the new system?

 One of the great things about the new Bogart For Windows is what I call the transfer of skills, the transfer of knowledge.  If (because) you already know how to use the Casablanca editor, even though the software is different under the ‘hood’ the menus, the process for operation are largely the same - you can start using and succeeding with your new editor pretty quickly.  


There are some operations that are different as the B4W integrates with the Windows work-flow and menus - but the good news is that I have produced a 7-hour tutorial video that will help you learn and succeed in this platform.  For those who are fluent with the Bogart workflow I also have an 8-page ‘Bogart 7 QuickStart Guide’ that will help you get to know the new functions quickly.  But for those who are maybe coming over to B4W from their Casablanca SmartEdit machine - or even from a Bogart editor but maybe you never learned all the functions or want to ensure you know all the ins and outs to make your editing experience more efficient and more successful - then my comprehensive tutorial will be a great tool for you!


7. What’s the major differences between B4W and the existing systems?

 There are a range of difference - depends on whether you’re currently editing on Bogart OS stand-alone editor or a Casablanca SmartEdit unit.  For starters the new B4W V7 offers the most compatibility with today’s camera recording formats - from a variety of camera resolutions (720x480, 1280x720, 1440x1080, 1920x1080 up to the UHD or Ultra-High-Definition resolutions of 3840x2160 and 4096x2160)…  to the ability to edit more frame rates then we have before (24P, 30P, 60i, 60P).  The export options are something I believe lots of Casablanca colleagues will really enjoy and benefit from (there are easy export options to get a video file to export to Vimeo or YouTube and the new Expert Options that allow you to nicely customize your final output).   


One of the biggest benefits I have found is the ability to more easily use the computer based tools like Audacity (Audio sweetening), photo editing/creation tools like Animoto or ProShow, music from SonicFire Pro or the many online resources like Royalty Free music, video clips and photos.  Then there’s the easy work-flow that allows me to finish a video clip in B4W and then easily upload that to my website, to Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook right in the same device.  I really do love that feature.  And I can edit on my laptop which gives me the convenience of portability.


8. Can you import video streams in B4W?

 Yes or I should say maybe - it depends on the hardware in your computer.  If you have a video board on your computer that is compatible with B4W then yes.  Most contemporary computers have a Firewire port/s. This would allow you to import DV and HDV signals into your B4W program. If you are needing to import analog footage like S-VHS, VHS, 8mm, Hi8, etc then you would need to use an Analog>Digital converter like the Canopus ADVC110 Converter - click here for my Amazon affiliate link. This allows you to import audio and video from an Analog camcorder or deck into the DV inputs on your computer.    If you wonder about your current computer and it’s abilities to do this - you could use the Demo version of the B4W software to check it out.



 C9. Can you burn a DVD in the new system


Very likely - you may have heard in Bogart For Windows V6 we did not have hardware support for many of the available DVD burners, video boards and external USB Hard-drives. In Bogart v6 using Arabesk 6 you could still author a complete DVD project (complete with intricate menus) but could not burn direct to disk via the internal DVD drive.  That has been addressed in Bogart For Windows 7 - and many who have tested it have confirmed they have the ability to burn a DVD from the Arabesk menu to the built-in, internal optical drive in their computer (if you plan to burn Blu-ray disks you need to have a Blu-ray burner in your computer.  

Even if you have no internal burner (and are using an external optical drive connected to your computer) or have an incompatible DVD drive you can very easily export your authored DVD project from Arabesk 6 as an ISO Image (ISO file) and then load that into even the free/included Windows feature that will burn that project to DVD (Chet shows how to do this in the Bogart 7 Casablanca Foolproof tutorial video series).

With B4W v7 you can also use an external DVD burner connected to your computer - the community has confirmed at least on model using this process (the LG Slim portable BP 40NS20 Optical drive) burns both SD and HD media and can be used on the Bogart OS Linux platform as well as on B4W v7.  To set this up you need to go into Settings > System, and check 'prefer 2nd DVD/Blu-Ray Drive to use external.  Number #1 drive will be the internal if you have one).


10.  What are the Backup methods available in B4W?
Backing up your video projects is really, truly an important task we all should be doing.  This is especially true for folks who are producing video for income - but for the rest of us all well who produce video for family and friends, for our house of worship, for passion and pleasure.  
Backing up your video projects can be anything from exporting your Storyboard (in progress or finished) to a DVD or to tape (like DV or HDV) or using one of the tools designed for this purpose.  I should say ‘the’ tool designed for this and there is a new tool and it’s a great one.
HD Sentry Backup is the new optional software that is released and can be used on both Bogart For Windows as well as the Bogart stand-alone platform (Bogart V 5.7,  V6.1 and up).  This is the refined version of the previous Bogart HD Backup - that older software backed up all 30 projects, a mirror backup that included everything.  

This new version - HD Sentry Backup - allows you to backup all 30 projects … or you can choose to backup just one or several active projects.  Many in the Casablanca community have been asking for this and it’s a great tool!  You can even backup projects on a connected Store And Share device (on your Bogart Linux editor).  
And it does back-up your Storyboard, Your Scene Bin and all your audio elements.  Everything you’ve got going in your Storyboard including effects (transitions, Image Processing and Title effects).  You can purchase this software as part of a Bundle with B4W, as a single software or as a two-pack (I would encourage that if you plan on continuing to use your Bogart Linux editor along with B4W.  NOTE: MacroSystem Americas is offering a reduced price for Sentry HD Backup if you already own the ‘Bogart HD Backup’ software (subject to future changes in pricing).
The other option that is sort-of a backup solution is the included AV Projects. This is found in the Project Settings Menu of Bogart 6 and Bogart 7.  This will export your choice of Storyboard, Scene Bin and Audio samples (the audio elements like music, voice over recordings, etc you have in that project’s audio bin).  You can then port that project’s elements over to a different Casablanca (or the same one after an OS Clean Install) or between a B4W system and your Bogart Linux machine.  BUT (and this is a BIG BUT) it does not carry over Inserts, the effects you have in your Storyboard, or the audio expect for the camera audio track.  This would definitely be better than nothing if you had to start a project from scratch - but does not compare to the full backup security we have available with the newer HD Sentry Backup solution.


If you have additional questions about Bogart For Windows, and you are a website member at - please send your inquiry to  


 If you’re not a website member, you should consider joining to benefit from all the resources available to help you get the most from your Casablanca video editor!

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