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MacroSystem US News - November 9, 2012

The following information is taken directly from the email Newsletter published by MacroSystem US on November 9, 2012


We're happy to announce the eminent release of Bogart 5!  After extensive testing and improving, we're ready to roll this package out.  See the details below.  And our annual software sale begins on Monday.

Now that this election season is behind us, it's time to enjoy some equanimity, don't you think?
All the best, Your MSUS team

Bogart 5 Release
Bogart 5 will release to Club Members next week.  It will be available to the general public 12/3/12.

    Pricing will be:
    Upgrade (from v4) - $129
    Full (from v2/v3) -  $249

Bogart 5 Options/New Software

Along with the release of Bogart 5, we are happy to announce the following items:

Shuttle TT - The TT is a shuttle (USB) input and control device that is especially useful to facilitate and accelerate your work when trimming and splitting.  Shuttle TT has 15 different buttons to navigate the various menus, as well as a jog wheel.  This product requires Bogart 5.   Price:  $199.

Analog Audio Interface - This USB interface (Tascam US-100) allows the importing of high quality audio from analog sources (turntables, tape recorder, microphone, etc.).  This product requires Bogart 5.  Price: $199.

Ultimate SpiceBox 2 - The new Ultimate Spice Box collection includes 200 graphic masks that cover symbols from a variety of themes.  Ultimate Spice Box 2 is Full HD capable and can be used on any system running Bogart 4 or higher.  Price: $159.

Software Sale
Beginning on Monday, November 12th, we'll have our fall software sale.  This sale will end Friday, December 14th, and is not to be combined with any other offers.

The sale is as follows:
For Casablanca Club members any software package will be 40% off normal retail.
For non Club members, the discount will be 25%.

**Bogart 5 is not eligible for sale pricing.**

During the sale we will also offer the Complete software package at a price of $2799.

DVD/Blu-ray Duplicator

Our DVD/Blu-ray duplicator configurations and prices have changed.  Please see a current price list for changes, or call with any questions.

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