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Introduction to Casablanca Bogart Video Editing Workflow

Casablanca Expert Chet Davis presents a short overview of video editing using the latest Casablanca digital video editors. Operating under the powerful Bogart V4 Operating System you'll see how to easily import media, build a short storyboard with transitions and a title, mix with music and export the project for internet sharing.

Folks in North America can find out more about the Casablanca Video Editor at

NOTE: This is not an in-depth instruction on any particular function but a general overview to provide those new to Casablanca a sense of the stability, efficiency, and ease of use with this product. Additional training & instruction is available from Chet Davis on his website
here - just click the links at top or left to see more of this website and the wealth of resources available for you here.

Length 33-minutes

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis