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Meet Gary McNally, New Owner of MacroSystem Americas

On Saturday March 15, 2014 Casablanca Expert Chet Davis conducted a live webcast with the new owner of Macrosystem Americas: Gary McNally.  If you were not yet aware - MacroSystem US was just sold to Gary (formerly of McNally's Plug and Play). 

In this 47-minute recording from the live session you'll have an opportunity to learn a little more about Gary, his background and experience with Casablanca/Macrosystem, and get a glimpse of the near future of Casablanca - and what customers (and dealers) in the Americas can expect under this new leadership.


NOTE: Website members may also listen and/or download the MP3 audio version of this webcast via this page in the Members Resources (remember to log-into your website membership prior to clicking the link for access).

Length 47:00


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