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Ask The Expert: How Should I Set 'Image Size' ?

QUESTION: In the Project Settings Menu (both Smart Edit and Bogart OS)  there is a setting called 'Image Size'.  Which setting is correct or best?

ANSWER: The company (Macrosystem - in their manual) recommends Full (they say Complete in the latest manual but I do not see that as an option).  This setting only affects the items added in the Casablanca (titles, IP effects, transitions) and not the video itself. 

This must be set prior to adding and rendering (creating) effects. It is my understanding that it has no bearing to change this after you have added your effects.

It was a setting that had very little impact in days gone by but has become increasingly important in the past few years as more of our audience is viewing their presentation on displays other than TVs which can show more of the signal.

So, long story short - set it to the highest setting (Full) at the beginning of an editing project.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis