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Jorg Sprave Shares Personal Insights on Sale of Casablanca to Macro Motion

A rare post made from/by Jorg Sprave to the Cassie Tips List on Tuesday March 26, 2013 revealed some additional information about the transfer/acquisition of the Casablanca product line to Macro Motion company.

(you can read the official annoucement/reaction from MacroSystem US on this page)

"Dear friends,

I can't really say much more than you can read in the official statement - but you can't POSSIBLY believe I would leave Casablanca behind. This product and market is a big part of my life, and there is no way that I would drop out of it.

Johann Schirren is a friend if mine, and a close business partner since we both were merely college boys. Every single customer who has dealt with Johann will come up with a ton of praise about him. He and his partner, Stefan Schulze, turned 4Di Motion into our biggest world wide dealership - in one of Germany's most thinly populated areas. These guys don't do that with low prices.

Service and know how is what made them successful. I am very glad that Casablanca is now in the hands of true enthusiasts rather than a big corporation with an entirely different core business.

I firmly believe that the transfer of everything Casablanca from Loewe to MacroMotion is the best thing that could have possibly happened to all of us. After several stormy years, the Casablanca team is finally back in a safe haven and can now turn strategies into reality. Expect some nice surprises later this year. And I am not talking about the pending Arabesk 6 release or the relaunch of the mighty Render Booster product - we have something a lot bigger down our sleeves.

As for my "Slingshot Channel", this remains my main hobby - and it fills me with pride that my channel is now number 6, globally, amongst the Outdoor/Fishing/Hunting/Weapon channels on all of youtube. I just exceeded 30 million views and 144 thousand subscribers. Remember it is all edited on our beloved Bogart system. If I would have to switch to one of the complex nightmarish PC/Mac systems, there is no way that I could film and edit every piece on a single Sunday afternoon, each week.

Greetings from Northern Bavaria
Jörg Sprave"

March 26, 2013 - made to/on the Cassie Tips List:

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