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Ask The Expert: Can I Use SD Motion Graphics in an HD Project?

QUESTION:  I was hoping you could give me some guidance regarding possibly purchasing a Digital Hotcakes package and using it in an HD project.  In looking at their website it appears that only some of the animation packages are HD.  Can any of the other packages be purchased and used in an HD project?


ANSWER: Yes, you could use SD animations and computer backgrounds in an HD project on a Casablanca Bogart system.  The software will up-res or conform the SD resolution so that it 'fits' in an HD project.

However - it is optimum to select and use files/backgrounds that are designed for the HD resolution for two reasons.
1. An SD file is at 720x480 and if you go to use that in a higher resolution project setting it's native resolution being lower, may show up with a look that is not as pleasing as an HD resolution graphic will appear.  It's a bit hard to explain but it's kind of like taking a lower quality photo/image and enlarging it to fit -- if you've ever done this on your computer you have perhaps seen the effect, it looks less that ideal.

2.  The aspect ratio is different - an SD at 4:3 that is used in a 16:9 must be stretched to conform to the wider screen.  This may work fine on some graphics but others will really show.

So long story short - if you are able, I would highly recommend going with animations/graphics created for HD in HD project.

In addition to Digital Hotcakes I would suggest you also check out the animations at

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