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Casablanca Foolproof Volume 12: Success with Bogart V5

Chet is happy to announce a new tutorial DVD to usher in the New Year!

Casablanca Foolproof Volume 12: Success with Bogart V5 is a 2-DVD set that contains 15 different sections with some 3 hours of instruction.
This learning resource is ideally suited for those colleagues who have or will soon upgrade to the Bogart V5 Operating System. 

In addition to the solid instruction on the Bogart V5 OS new features & functions you will learn what the new add-on Render Booster is, how it can help you on your HD productions, and how to use it.  Chet is also excited about the 'Best of Bogart' mini videos... these 12 video tutorials cover Bogart functions that were released in Bogart V2, V3, or V4 but Chet believes some colleagues are less or unaware of them. And he wants to make sure you know about them as then can improve your editing efficiency and/or creativity!

The tutorial DVD is now available for order in the Casablanca Expert/Your Tech Tutor on-line store:



Here are the contents of the new 2-DVD learning resource from the Casablanca Expert

DISK  ONE (90:00)

Chapter #

  1. System Settings Menu = 16:35
  2. Project Settings Menu = 16:46
  3. Video Settings Menu = 1:57
  4. Record Menu = 15:50
  5. Edit Menu = 8:39
  6. Effects Menus (Image Processing, Transitions, Titles) = 2:03
  7. Audio Menus (Record, Edit & Mix) = 13:45
  8. Finish Menu = 10:00
  9. Arabesk Menu (4 & 5)= 10:28

DISK  TWO (90:00)
1. Render Booster (Installation & what it provides) =  18:52
2. Render Booster (Working With it) =  12:42
3. Media Manager Changes/Overview = 30:01
4. New Bogart Hardware Add-ons (Render Booster, Analog Audio Interface, Shuttle TT) = 13:11
5. Best of Bogart 1-12 = 40:30
6. Viewing Casablanca Video Files on Your PC - 5:23

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis