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Casablanca Bogart - new hardware: Shuttle TT

The release of the new Bogart V5 Operating System mentions a new piece of hardware - the Shuttle TT.  This product just became available in North America... with a list price of $199. (US).

It is essentially a separate hardware controller connected by USB cable - that is used in conjunction with your trackball.  It provides additional functionality as a jog-shuttle device. This is used by some professionals when splitting and trimming footage.

Click the blue link below to see the page on the Macrosystem AG website that provides details on this perhiperal (add-on hardware) for the Casablanca Bogart series of editors. 

NOTE - this device is only compatible with the Casablanca Bogart OS series of video editors, and only those editors operating on Bogart V5 and higher.


Casablanca Bogart Shuttle TT

(web page translated from German language into English language by Google Translate)


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