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Casablanca Analog Audio Interface

With the release of the new Bogart V5 Operating System there is mention in the Bogart 5 Manual about the new Analog Audio Interface.  This product just became available in North America - the list price from MacroSystem US & their resellers is $199. This price includes the hardware (Tascam US-100) and the software activation code, which is required to integrate the device with/on your Casablanca Bogart editor.

Here is the page on the Macrosystem AG website that provides details on this peripheral (add-on hardware) for the Casablanca Bogart series of editors. 

NOTE - this is primarily of interest for those using the Casablanca S3000 and S6000 as they appear to exhibit the problem of less clean (interference or audio noise) when recording audio via the analog audio ports on the back of the unit.  I do not experience the same audio issue when recording analog audio into my Casablanca S4000PRO.

This device connects to your Casablanca via the USB port on the back of the Analog Audio device (to any open USB port on your Casablanca editor).  You can then connect an RCA/Phono pair of audio cables (from any line level audio device), a mic via either the unbalanced XLR port or the 1/4" Phone port or even the 1/4" Phone jack in front from a musical instrument like a guitar.  Also handy is the 1/8" mini-jack on front right of the device for a pair of earphones/headphones.


Casablanca Bogart Analog Audio Interface (web page translated from German language into English language by Google Translate)




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