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Ask The Expert: How to Bring In Selected JPEGs in Photo Transfer?

QUESTION: When I want to bring JPEG images from my PC into my Bogart editor I use Photo Transfer.
Today I had 8 new  photos to bring in,,, once I am into Bogart, have the flash drive connected, and opened Photo Transfer it looks like I have to go thru multiple steps just to bring in each photo.  Is there a way to bring in selected photos all at once?  (without out bringing all in - as I have other photos on the Flash drive that I don't want to take the time to import).

ANSWER:  Yes there is!  I am running Photo Transfer in my Bogart units and do have the option to select and load multiple images... here's how:

When in the menu 'Import from photo memory device' - check to make sure there is a 'check-mark' at the top of what I call the elevator shaft (the scroll menu at far right).
If not - click on the top of that column until you see a checkmark (there are 3 different options there).
Once you have that checkmark, you should be able to click on an image/photo to select it for importing (you should see a small check mark on each photo in the upper right corner of the image icon).

NOTE: This is using Photo Transfer Version 1.10

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