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Sample Video: Young Soccer Players

In addition to coaching my youngest son's soccer team (for the 7th season) I am on the Board of our local soccer association.  I offered to create a short video to promote the U6 program.  These are our youngest (and cutest) players who are aged 4 and 5. 


At the start of the season (last month) I shot about 45 minutes of video on an early Saturday morning and then put together this video using my Casablanca (see some 'making of' details below the video)

It's a pretty straightforward video with the 'Streaks' (Efx Pack 5) transition and one slow-motion scene (created with Twixtor but could have been DP Motino Perfect or even the regular Slow Motion effect)


For the title scene I created a Still Scene then ran that through Low Saturation (effect found in Filter Pack) and then created the title on top of that using Title Effects Pack 3 - Small Moves.  Hope you enjoy these little soccer players!


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