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"More Than a Memory" - Music Video 100% Casablanca edited


This music video 'More Than A Memory' was produced by our colleague Bobbie Evoy of Memories On Tape in Michigan. The music video was 'a one woman show' with Bobbie doing the directing, video taping and editing -- all 100% Casablanca. I told Bobbie I absolutely LOVE the sequences in the mirror - watch the 'reflection' very closely!

Here's Bobbie's behind the scenes comments:

"It was shot 'in two days' after they got out of work, starting at about 7pm each night. Simple effects were used to tell this story with the twin brothers: Richard is not doing very well with her gone, as he faces another day without her there, the memories keep coming back, until one day his reflection comes alive, Robert (his reflection) lets him know that she was more than just a memory as he lectures him on what his life has become hoping Richard will pull himself together soon."

I suggest you view the music video here - then scroll down this page and view the video that Bobbie Evoy so kindly put together that allows us all to see how she created the mirror effect !
I love this -- in the video below you'll see three PIPs, the top two PIPs is footage of the two brothers.  Robert  (on the left is singing to the song and it's his face we see singing in the mirror's reflection) while Richard, in the PIP on the right, (whose face we see on 'this' side of the mirror in the finished piece) - is emoting, reacting to the song.  What's cool is that you can hear both Robert singing and Bobbie's voice directing Richard as he reacts to the song.
In the bottom PIP we see Bobbie using the Split Screen effect with the slider adjusting where the border between the two scenes are placed. NOTE: the effect used here is found in the Transitions Menu 'Split Screen' (not Split Screen 2). This is part of the Bonus Effects Package (which is free to any Casablanca customer when they register their unit).


Thank You Bobbie Evoy for sharing this creatively produced music video AND for taking the time and effort to share your behind the scenes info with the Casablanca Community!

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