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Macrosystem AG Releases new Update - Bogart 5.2a - for PAL users

MacroSystem AG has announced release of a software update for the Bogart 5 Operating System - Bogart V5.2a provides several improvements (only available at present for PAL systems - not released yet for NTSC customers). The following is taken from the  Google Translate link here.
The software development has enabled the Bogart V5.2A for publication. This can be used as a free update for systems with Casablanca Bogart previous 5 versions.

In this release were conducted over the last Bogart V5.1 the following enhancements:

  • Random errors that could occur on or off after pulling off a firewire device can be better absorbed.
  • Fixed a problem that an audio effect in the original sound track was still audible, though this audio portion by removing an insert scene was no longer available.
  • The playback of scenes calculated (excluding original timecode) now works even when the playing Timecode set to "original".
  • The import of long AVCHD scenes were improved.
  • Archive Photos menu now works even if the importing "all" are highlighted.
  • The MP3 audio import now works with umlauts.
  • In the audio clipboard is now on "select all" button and the "import pieces of clay" is active.
  • Switches that are inactive, are now clearly distinguished from the active:
  • The text in front of the counter and has a darker face color. The hook and line in the switch is shown darker.
  • The Settings Backup archives now also the archives of the long-term effect of stack effect will be secured. Likewise, our own images are saved from the image pool.
  • Calculations are performed using the Render booster, this is illustrated by a "RB" before the progress bar. In Arabesk 5, this follows with the next update.
The Bogart version 5.2a is stationary for all Casablanca models with 1024 MB of RAM and an active Bogart 5 software. This installation DVD may not be used for DVC, Enterprise or Streamcorder.

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