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Video Tutorial: Color Cycle Animation with Shift Hue

There's a cool effect called Color Cycle Animation that can be created using an Effect that many of us already have on our Casablanca video editor... at least if you have Effects Pack 6.  The effect is titled 'Shift Hue' and can be used to create your own 'animated' backgrounds! I show you how to use this effect in the short video tutorial below. NOTE: this effect is compatible with both Smart Edit & Bogart OS systems.

Chet demonstrated this effect in the August 2012 Casablanca Expert Members Webinar - if you're not already a member consider joining today to have access to this 62-minute streaming video lesson and the other 740 pages of tips, tutorials & articles to help you get the most from your Casablanca video editor.

And if you're looking for more cool effects you can create with your Casablanca - check out Casablanca Expert Foolproof Volume 11: Eye Candy Volume 1.  It's a 3-DVD set available now in the Casablanca Expert Online Store.

length 5:07

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis