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Ask The Expert: Why would Twixtor software be causing my Casablanca editor to shut down?


QUESTION: I am finding that the Twixtor Length-Adjust software/effect does work with SD footage and causes a crash instead (for me at least). And, I understand, Motion Perfect cannot be installed with Bogart to take its place - any suggestions?

ANSWER: First you are correct - the Motion Perfect software which is a very popular add-on software for the Smart Edit OS Casablanca will not work on the Bogart OS.  Motion Perfect relies on the C-Cube chip, a piece of hardware that is/was part of the Gen. 2 Smart Edit platform but is not part of the newly designed Bogart OS Casablanca products.

Regarding Twixtor and the crash/ing you experienced, my guess would be that perhaps you are attempting to use Twixtor in a project that is set to P - Progressive.  The Twixtor software will only work in an Interlace Project setting. 

Remedy = either use Twixtor only in Interlace projects, or do all the work you need then switch the Project Settings to Interlace, perform your Twixtor maneuvers and then switch the project back to Progressive.  You would also be wise to take the resulting Twixtor scenes and run them thru the MovieMode function found under 'Special' to de-interlace the effect.


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