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Ask The Expert: Can I Export Audio from my Casablanca as an MP3 file to USB Drive?



QUESTION: I have some music on my Casablanca S4000 and would like to transfer the songs to a USB flash drive. is it possible? 


ANSWER: You have two options that I can think of:

1. Export the audio as video scenes (using Sample>Scene in the Audio Record, Edit menu) and then export using the Extract MP3 audio device option found in the Media Manager. I have a step by step tutorial for this procedure here: ... 0090126_19

2. You could also export those audio tracks out to CD (burned in the Audio Record, Edit menu) and then in your computer, use an audio program to convert the files to MP3 and drop onto a USB device.


NOTE: The USB Export Option mentioned in #1 above is only available to those on the Bogart OS.  If your Casablancs editor operates on the Smart Edit OS, you can only use #2 above (but that will work!)



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