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Ask The Expert: How Should I Prepare for an OS Upgrade?

Tutorials & Tips to Help You Upgrade Smoothly

I get asked pretty regularly about any steps colleagues should take before completing a clean installation of the Casablanca OS (Operating System).  I have an article on the website detailing the steps and considerations and decided it was time to provide an updated version of this information.

So - if you are contemplating an Operating System upgrade - check out the resources available to you now at

"Should I Upgrade Now -- or Wait?"

There are some great new features and functions made possible with these two upgrades - you can view the streaming video recording of the February 2010 Casablanca Expert Webinar  to learn the new options in these OS upgrades.  You can even download the 16-page PDF owners manual for these two OS upgrades on my website now:
I believe both Smart Edit 9 and Bogart V3  has functions worthy of an upgrade - if you believe you need one or more of these functions now I would say - upgrade.  However, if your income depends on your editor -- as a general rule of thumb I have suggested to some website members to wait 1-2 weeks after the release of an OS upgrade.

This is time to 'let the dust settle' and see if the additional users on the OS uncover any 'hidden' surprises.  I have full faith in the beta testing team at MacroSystem US - but there is something to be said about letting a larger group of folks use the software to see how it will behave.

"Is it possible to do an update rather than a full install?"

Well, actually yes. You can perform an update, keeping your video & audio files, all project intact with the latter OS versions of both Smart Edit and Bogart  (assuming you are upgrading from a recent OS). 

But Tech Support recommends (and so do I) that you do a clean install - meaning you will lost all project data. This wipes the hard drive clean of any possible 'bugs' that a previous OS may have had, and also de-fragments your hard drive.  I know for me this also 'forces' me to do some 'spring cleaning' of my video projects.
"How can I save my custom archives?"

Backup/Restore Archives

I recommend to all Casablanca colleagues that they should archive/save your archives. This is applicable to both Smart Edit & Bogart systems.

If you have created your own custom color/s, archived titles, archived certain special effects settings and (to me, the biggest and most important) archived your own DVD menu templates (available on Arabesk 4) you should use the use the Back-up/Restore Archives function in the System Settings Menu.  This process is detailed in a short tutorial here: 
Bogart OS - Software Activation Code Export/Import

This is for Bogart systems only - to avoid spending a considerable amount of time after you perform a clean installation, make certain you back-up (export) the activation codes for your software.  If not, after the upgrade you'll be needing to re-type the 12-digit activation codes for all the software you have on your editor!  (Smart Edit units save the activation codes on the internal system so you don't have to worry about this step).   You will find a short tutorial (you can print it out)  here:
"How can I back-up my projects?"
There are several different options for backing-up your projects on today's Casablanca editor.  If you are on a Bogart OS editor, I believe the best choice is to use the Bogart HD Backup (add-on software).  This function is detailed in this tutorial:
If you're using a Smart Edit OS Casablanca, or on Bogart and don't have the Bogart HD Backup software - you may wish to consider the Storyboard Archives. This function and the other options (backup to DV tape) and covered in my previous Casablanca Expert Webinar titled ' All About Archiving'. You'll find this streaming video:
And for the 'Full Monty' on archiving for your Casablanca, you can check out all the resources presented for that webinar on in my Public Webinar Archives here.
Scroll down to the session titled:
Casablanca Webinar - General Session
Episode 15
Held Tuesday 9/08/09

Bogart 'Emergency' Monitor Switch

And lastly if you are working on a Bogart OS editor, and you perform a clean install (destructive installation) you will want to have this handy - it's the process that enables you to use your Trackball to reset your monitor display output.  When you perform a clean install - it sometimes resets the monitor display.  Some folks find that they are fine until they go over to Media Manager and get a blank screen.  This procedure will allow you to get your menu/s back:

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis