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Ask The Expert: What Does 'Slow Scaling' Mean?


QUESTION:  When I am recording or importing video into my Casablanca editor I sometimes see the words 'Slow Scaling Required' at the top of the Import Window/Menu.  What does this mean?


ANSWER: The words 'Slow Scaling Required' are displayed whenever your Casablanca editor has to do some modification to your footage so that it will 'fit' or be compatible with the project setting you selected.  I believe we will only see this in the menu of the Bogart OS Casablanca editors. 

 Ususally when I have seen this on my editor (or when working to help a colleague on a Private Tutor session) it is because they are attempting to import HD footage into an SD project, or SD footag into an HD project.  The Casablanca OS is taking your video footage and either up-rezing or down-rezing the footage to mesh with the project setting you have presently selected.

For example - if you are importing (as I did to get the screen shot below) footage that was shot on an HD camera in the 1920x1080 format into a project on your Casablanca that is set for 720x480...the system is working pretty hard to get that higher resolution format down-scaled to play properly with your other 720 SD footage. 

Usually after I share this with a colleague they realize they had a mix-up and meant to import that video into an HD project with a setting that is comparable to the HD footage.

And if you're curious - yes that is definitely a deer, California Black Tail Deer I believe.  I was driving this past week about 1 block from my home when I saw this gorgeous creature in the fields.  Took out my camera but this is as good as I got, he soon ran off into the brush.


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