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Casablanca Slivers: Sneak Peek at New Software

New Casablanca Software

'Sneak Peek': Casablanca Slivers

Macrosystem AG (Germany) recently announced the release of some new goodies for the Casablanca community.  One of these that is different than anything we've seen before on our Casablanca is a software add-on product called 'Slivers'. This software does/will require the Bogart V5 Operating System to run.

It's sort of like PIP Studio but with screen space instead of a PIP.... what's really cool is that the software comes with 38 different patterns, 38 different pre-set layouts where you can place between two and nine full-motion video scenes. See this screen shot - which shows off these templates:

THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA.  I cull my info below from the Google Translation of the MSAG German Language website.

"This is a newly created program for simultaneous display of multiple scenes in a video image. A large selection of templates for a variety of configuration options allow sections of your scenes. The delineation of the various scenes is possible with individually adjustable dividers with variable size and color or pattern.

Slivers can be arranged by up to 9 simultaneous scenes on your video screen, which is completely new design possibilities for your video."


A gentleman named Holger Hendricks, who regularly blogs about Casablanca and video production (in the German language) has a cool, short video where you can see this software in action click here to view this 6-minute video on YouTube.

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