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Ask The Expert: With no more support for the AVIO - is there a place to get software?

QUESTION: I know that there is no more support for the Avio. But does anyone know where I might find the latest software for the Avio in the silver box with DVD burner. I believe the unit is running SE 7.0. It use to be a dealer download unit.


ANSWER:  I would suggest there appears to be a mis-understanding here...while there is no new software to be developed, and no new Casablanca devices to be manufactured and sold as new units running on the Smart Edit platform, we can still obtain support from MSUS using the AVIO and other Smart Edit Casablanca editors.

There may be a dwindling supply of hardware/parts) but you/we can still purchase the add-on software for these Gen II editors, and the latter versions of the Smart Edit OS as well. You will find the All Software CD for Smart Edit is available on the MSUS webpage here:

You can order the activation codes for this software from your Casablanca reseller or from MacroSystem US.


And there remains certainly a wealth of articles, tutorials and tips available for those folks using the Smart Edit Casablanca editor on this website! :)

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis