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Where is the Menu Option For Analog Video Inputs on my Bogart Casablanca?

QUESTION: What is the streaming video input called on the screen of an s6k? Can't find it. I am trying to import video by connecting a DVD player with RCA plugs.

The video inputs for the Casablanca S3000/S6000 are S-video, RCA/Phono for Analog video and DV for digital BogartS3K RearInputMenuvideo/HDV. On Bogart V4 they have that labeled as 'RCA Back'. 

If you are not seeing this as an option my guess is that you are in an HD project setting.  

You must be in a SD project setting to see that, as it is an analog source. If you need to bring in analog video into an HD Project via the RCA/Phono ports, you would need to import that video into an SD project and then use Clipboard to move it over to the HD project.

NOTE: On the other Bogart OS Editors (as well as the Smart Edit platform) you would also see the front inputs in this menu, but there is no front input jacks on the S3000 or S6000.

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