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Ask The Expert: Is there a way to use the Copy command to backup to an external Hard Drive?

In Bogart 4 we have now the option in PROJECT SETTINGS to "COPY"a project. In that copy we can choose the parts of the project to be included : storyboard/ scene bin/ samples

First question: Is there any way to save this copy in a different unit or drive but not in the same/main hard disk drive that the original project and OS?

Clearly the goal is to be safe if something goes wrong with the main disk as it has happened twice in my systems... with total hung up and forced to a full clean re-installation... loosing the projects... I know that you are telling me something about the HD BACKUP BOGART but...

Second question
: What are the differences between "Copy a project" and "Backup a project" with HD BACKUP BOGART apart of the final destination of the secured files (the main hard disk or the external hard disk). For me is much easier, simply and clear, to work saving my projects using the COPY function that using BACKUP STORYBOARD or  if purchase it the HD BACKUP BOGART. If I could transfer the "copy" to another external unit it would be perfect for me.

Hello again Juan Pablo,

Unfortunately you can only use the COPY project function (found in the Project Settings Menu) to copy a project from one folder on your HDD to a different folder on that same HDD. It cannot be used (as far as I know) to Copy a project folder and all contents into an external or different HDD.

The Bogart HD Backup copies ALL project folders (up to all 30 on that HDD) onto an External HDD.

However, you _could_ use that program (Bogart HD Backup) to save just one or a small number of projects onto an External HDD using this process detailed on my website here: Can I Use the Bogart HD Backup to Archive Just One Project at a Time?

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